Projector intelligence trend is obvious, home entertainment will be the future growth potential of the largest market

Projector intelligence trend is obvious, home entertainment will be the future growth potential of the largest market

tenco 2019-05-28

Projectors can be divided into home projectors, business projectors, educational projectors, miniature projectors, engineering projectors, and cinema projectors (cinema digital projectors), depending on the field of application.As a new type of office equipment, projectors can be seen everywhere in the modern business office with high efficiency and fast pace.Projectors can not only be used in meetings, lectures, network center, command and control center, but also can be connected with computers, workstations, or connected to video recorder, television, DVD player and physical exhibition, etc., it can be said that it is a widely used large-screen image equipment.

Projectors have already entered people's family life entertainment level, the new light source in the past two or three years to make the projector market become hot up, there are no screen TV and laser TV and other concepts, the domestic manufacturers are full of enthusiasm, also let more and more people began to understand them.From the perspective of consumers, the screen less TV is a relatively cheap entertainment application, the market price is about 4,000 yuan, the display effect is poor, and the laser TV is currently more expensive, powerful TV substitutes, the market price is about more than 20,000 yuan.

From the projector to achieve the projection of the technical way, the current mainstream of the main 3LCD, DLP and LCOS three.Compared with single DLP projection technology, 3LCD projection technology has better color performance, but it is weak in brightness and 3D effect.Single DLP projection technology has excellent performance in brightness, but has defects in color expression.LCOS projection technology is relatively balanced in all aspects, but it is expensive and bulky.

At present, 3LCD projection technology is mainly used by epson, SONY, panasonic and other Japanese manufacturers.DLP projection technology is the technology of Texas instruments. They do not produce projectors themselves.LCOS projection technology is mainly SONY, Canon projector in use.

The projector market in China has entered a period of slow and steady growth

After years of rapid growth, China's projector market has entered a slow, stable growth.The projector market has gradually recovered from the low point in 2015. In 2016, the projector market in China shipped 2.52 million units. In 2017, the total projector market in China shipped more than 3.16 million units, up 25.8% year-on-year.IDC estimates that projector shipments in China will reach 3.82 million units in 2018, and the compound growth rate of the Chinese projector market will pick up to 17 percent by 2022.Foresight predicts, 2024 Chinese projectors shipment will break through 9. 9 million.

Projector market has five core manufacturers, domestic brand extremely meters first summit

Specific to the projector market core manufacturers level, currently the projector market mainly Epson (Epson), BenQ (BenQ), XGIMI (extremely meter), Sony (Sony) and NEC (NEC) five manufacturers.In terms of shipments, in the first three quarters of 2018, the market shares of the top five projector manufacturers are respectively XGIMI (400 thousand units), Epson (394 thousand units), BenQ (211 thousand units), Sony (155 thousand units) and NEC (120 thousand units).

In recent years, the shipments of domestic brands are on the rise. As of the first three quarters of 2018, the shipments of domestic brands have reached the top for the first time, accounting for 13.1% of the market share, while the market shares of Epson, BenQ, Sony and NEC all show a declining trend.

Home entertainment projector attention is high, short focus and intelligent function is the key words

According to zhongguancun online data, in 2018, the attention of household projectors is the highest, reaching 43%. At the same time, the combined attention of micro projectors and cinema projectors is also up to 23%. The attention of the first three has reached 66%.The business projector also received 16 percent of the attention, while the education projector received the least, at 7 percent.

From the perspective of functional attention, short focus and 3D are still highly concerned in 2018. Due to the small living room space, people pay more attention to short focus. Although the 3D function is not practical, the current basic home projectors all support 3D function, and 3D function is more as a kind of bonus.With 21 percent of the attention paid to intelligent functions, intelligence is becoming more and more important in business and home.