Spectral Edge out breakthrough FPGA image signal processor power international business relations

Spectral Edge out breakthrough FPGA image signal processor power international business relations

tenco 2019-05-24

Company is located in Cambridge, digital image processing IP Spectral Edge has been accredited institution Talents @ Taipei for innovative start-ups, and was invited to attend the Computex Taipei (Computex Taipei), part of the global plan, promote the development of international business relations in Taiwan.

The exhibition will be on June 1, on May 28 solstice in Taipei International ConvenTIon center (Taipei International ConvenTIon Centre), Spectral Edge will show the start-up platform InnoVex booth display products.The Spectral Edge will also attend the plan group activities after all of the trade show, including meet with Taipei long.

Spectral Edge will show its new Image Signal Processor (Image Signal Processor, hereinafter referred to as "ISP").New image signal processor USES Spectral Edge image Fusion technology (Spectral Edge Fusion, hereinafter referred to as "SE Fusion"), for security cameras, automotive and consumer market system application development.

With Spectral Edge image signal processor (ISP) integration after the camera on a chip (SoC) system or FPGA, even in low light or light conditions, can also provide high quality, accurate color image.Spectral characteristics of the Edge, a new image signal processor can be comprehensive and dynamic use RGB - IR image sensor output (red, blue, green and near-infrared light) four channel numerical, real-time balance near-infrared light channel and the influence of color correction, and intelligent linear data fusion for the three channels, in order to realize the naked eye can see on the surface of the panchromatic image RGB and IR.As far as we know, there are very few companies on the market today that claim to have the technology to achieve the same goal without pixelation, artifacts, and extra noise.Real-time full embedding without costly artificial intelligence (AI) networks.SE Fusion also ensures very low resolution loss while providing better contrast, dynamic range, and SNR.This means that the lack of color caused by the setting sun can be compensated for by the additional texture and depth of the image brought about by near-infrared light under proper infrared illumination.

In addition to dynamically improve dark under the condition of the overall image and video quality, Spectral Edge of image signal processor can also support the face, objects, and gesture recognition task, as well as other need very high quality image monitoring application, in order to realize accurate identification, thus greatly reduce the false alarm.Spectral Edge image signal processor can also show that commonly hidden in fog or haze environment more depth and color details, making it a ideal outdoor security and car camera application.

Spectral Edge, chief executive of Rhodri Thomas commented: "in the future, which has the function of high precision color copy and high resolution Spectral Edge image signal processor is likely to be only RGB photosensitive sensor is used as a threat.Of near infrared, change color on the daytime, night illumination of the image acquisition, image signal processor system based on Spectral Edge only needs a comprehensive image sensor and a single lens, can minimize the camera internal movement and filter parts number, saving production and material cost for the camera manufacturers."

The SE Fusion technology, introduced the FPGA oriented Spectral Edge image signal processor will make its debut at the computex Taipei.An ASIC ready version is expected by the end of this year.